what we are

We are a socially-responsible startup conglomerate with an exciting and audacious plan to operate in a diverse mix of industries and product categories.

Pursuant to such plan, focused initially, primarily on selective niches of the cannabis industry, we will operate as the parent company of numerous subsidiary entities united under a single industry agnostic brand… nologo.


In response to the passing of the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 which legalized the farming and use of hemp in the U.S. at the federal level, in association with one of America's largest family-owned farming entities, we were founded to be a world-class, large-scale hemp farming entity. Then, understanding that hemp is part of the solution ... the problem being that much of the historical industrial, scientific, medical and technological progress achieved has created numerous problems that have damaged and continue to damage the health and well-being of humans, animals and the environment ... everything from pharmaceuticals that addict and/or cause physical side-effects, including death ... to non-biodegradable plastic products that pollute the planet and make their way into the food chain and cause disease ... to fossil petroleum products that pollute and overheat the planet ... to paper and wood products produced as a result of massive deforestation that has resulted in the significant loss of the source of the oxygen we need in order to breathe as well as extensive soil erosion and loss of animal habitat ... to chemicals such as pesticides and food preservatives that cause disease ... and after an extensive organizational process during which much due-diligence was performed, along with much analysis of the many mistakes made by cannabis companies operating in various niches of the industry ... we evolved into not only a multifaceted company that will operate in multiple niches of the cannabis industry, but into a conglomerate that will also operate in selective niches of additional industries compatible with the cannabis industry ... and since then, into a conglomerate determined to execute on commercially viable business ventures whenever and wherever we identify them ... regardless of industry or compatibility.


what we do

A major global shift in consumer demand has occurred towards products that are solutions to the problems caused by generations of progress, and therefore the need for companies that will design, produce and distribute products that are solutions to such problems. We will continually use our best efforts to design, produce and distribute such products.

Current and/or planned areas of operation include large-scale traditional farming & ranching, large-scale hemp farming, global hemp brokerage and gourmet-quality marijuana cultivation. In addition, we will design, produce and/or have produced by quality third-party manufacturers, and distribute under the nologo brand many of the products we believe global consumers currently demand and will demand well into the future… products from industries such as the cannabis industry, the nutraceutical industry, the food & beverage industry, the wine & spirits industry, the fashion industry and the fragrance industry, with plans to immediately build and operate what will in-effect be an e-commerce mall comprised of numerous individual online stores… including stores such as our planned branded nologo watches & jewels store that will sell products not produced by or branded nologo. A brand with no limits, we are currently vetting the development of certain service businesses as well as industries such as online banking, real estate brokerage that would be operated under the nologo brand.

As a for-profit enterprise that intends to operate in a wide range of industries and product categories … whenever and wherever we identify opportunities that meet with our business criteria … we will remain determined to operate in a socially responsible manner … to be a producer of problem-solving products … careful in terms of how we navigate the delicate balance between our responsibility to our shareholders and everyone’s responsibility to the planet.

In addition to our about to be launched nologo branded product lines such as our cannabinoid and nutraceutical product lines, we are preparing to launch nologo branded product lines such as nologo Pret (our planned high-fashion clothing and accessories line that will be manufactured primarily from sustainable materials such as hemp), Chateau nologo (our soon to be launched line of fine wines domiciled within walking distance of vineyards in the Bordeaux region of France acknowledged to be the best of the best of the best such as Chateau Lafite Rothschild), non … eau de parfum by nologo Paris (our soon to be launched women’s fragrance), and several other lines in various stages of planning and development.



The term cannabis refers to two primary categories: hemp and marijuana … marijuana being the variety with the psychoactive effect-causing THC content level … both varieties having numerous medicinal product uses … hemp however being the variety having non-medicinal product uses too numerous to list.

Our initial, primary focus will be in selective niches of the cannabis industry. We will operate in both the hemp and marijuana spaces as well as in the cannabis derivative medicinal products space. In our opinion, hemp and marijuana, due to their numerous beneficial uses across multiple product categories, should never have been made illegal, and are here to stay. We believe global demand for cannabis-derivative products from both medicinal and non-medicinal product categories is likely to grow exponentially year to year well into the foreseeable future.

Hemp’s many benefits include its use in the manufacture of natural medicinal products as alternatives to synthetic pharmaceuticals, its use as a replacement for fossil petroleum as a base material for the manufacture of plastic products that can biodegrade, its use as a replacement for trees in the manufacture of paper and wood products, and its use as a base material in the production of biofuels as alternatives to fossil fuels.

From our study of the marijuana industry and our observation of the marijuana operations of several large-scale marijuana growers, as well as the collapse in price of such company’s common stocks, we have determined much. For example, we determined there is no direct correlation between the size and/or capitalization of a marijuana grower and how well such grower’s products are received by consumers. Further, we determined that marijuana consumers prefer marijuana produced by boutique-sized, gourmet-quality growers than by commercial-quality, large-scale growers. In our opinion, the key term in the marijuana space is “quality.”Accordingly, and in response to the recent passing of legislation legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in the State of Montana, we are currently focused on the implementation of a plan to build and operate an indoor gourmet-quality marijuana growing operation in the State of Montana.

Whereas we believe the key term in the marijuana space to be “quality,’ we believe the key term in the hemp space to be “presales.”

With so many product uses for hemp from both medicinal and non-medicinal product categories, and with each product use requiring certain plant strains and planting methodology, we believe hemp should be produced based upon pre-sale orders from buyers worldwide representing the numerous industry and product categories that utilize hemp.

Accordingly, while we control +/- 50,000 acres of prime farmland in North Dakota and Montana through a number of agreements with the owners and/or operators of such farmland and believe we have the ability to increase the size of our farmland footprint exponentially if and when necessary, our initial focus in the hemp space will be to build and operate nologo Global Hemp Brokerage, LLC, our wholly-owned global hemp brokerage subsidiary.

In addition, derived from hemp and/or marijuana (as the case may be), we are developing a selective line of high-quality cannabis derivative products for medicinal use that will be marketed by nologo Cannabinoids, LLC, our wholly- owned cannabinoid products subsidiary.


our philosophy

We are a company that has been organized and will be built pursuant to a plan that looks to our philosophy … a philosophy that says, for example … more and more, global consumer sales are becoming all about the brand … and branding is achieved by creating shock appeal … and shock appeal is often created by the use of contrast … contrast such as the contrast of an American farming entity that dares to create a Paris based high fashion brand. It’s contrast that draws so much attention to the world’s largest art museum, the Louvre in Paris … the contrast of a contemporary glass pyramid juxtaposed against the Louvre’s original 18th century architecture.  Paris is a city comprised of 18th and 19th century buildings, but it’s the aforementioned architectural contrast that makes the Louvre stand out in a city full of gorgeous buildings. Such contrast in the form of collaborations between brands such as LVMH with fine artists such as Takashi Murakami as a technique to refresh and make the classic LV leather pattern hip and totally relevant by juxtaposing the artist’s contemporary images against the classic LV pattern, and it will be our use of the principle of contrast that will assist us to make nologo stand out in a world crowded with companies all competing for the global consumer.


our mission

Our mission is to become a highly-respected, socially-responsible, global “go-to” brand for products the company designs, produces and/or distributes … a traditional and digital distributor of many of the products the world demands and, in our opinion, will demand well into the foreseeable future … a company that generates maximum profit and provides its shareholders with maximum return on investment ... and a company that will use its best efforts to have its securities become publicly traded, if, when and where appropriate.


our model

While we are in the business of identifying opportunities that meet with the company’s business criteria whenever and wherever such opportunities are identified, a significant percentage of our business will be focused on generating income from opportunities created by the global demand for products that are solutions to the numerous problems that have been created by historical progress.

When appropriate, we will contract with high-quality third-party producers to produce products for us based upon our design and other criteria to be marketed by us under the nologo brand.

When and where appropriate, we intend to utilize traditional distribution methodology. However, dependent upon the specific product category, and in response to the global shift in consumer shopping habits from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce, we intend to utilize digital distribution methodology. We are currently building a global e-commerce “mall” … whereby each respective store will represent an individual product category.

We believe in adages such as “haste makes waste,” “slow and steady wins the race every time,” and “fools rush in.” Accordingly, we have and will continue to utilize extreme patience, perform extensive due-diligence, and will continue to organize and build nologo one step at a time.

As a result of digitalization, many of the traditional ways of doing business have become or are rapidly becoming obsolete. Success in this new era of rapid-fire technological advances requires forward thinking.

While other companies have been built through acquisition, through the utilization of immense creativity as well as tools provided by recent technological advances in the area of digitalization … tools the company believe offer it the ability to use financial leverage not available prior to such advances … we intend to create equity by building businesses from a startup position.

Due to the speed with which technological advances now occur, the world is literally changing daily. Like the advent of streaming technology replaced the need for CDs and CD players, more recently, advances in bandwidth technology has largely replaced the need for office space.

While certain types of products are still distributed traditionally, the global shift in consumer shopping habits from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce has greatly reduced the need for retail stores. While brick-and-mortar still has a place in retail, more and more, e-commerce is replacing brick-and-mortar, and corporate branding is replacing the importance of retail store location.